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Living the Ecstatic Life

LoveJourney: Tantra of the Heart offers tools and opportunities for conscious sensuality, sexually fulfilling lifestyles and open-hearted, accepting connections. Through a myriad of workshops, both introductory and more advanced, singles and couples learn the ancient spiritual arts of intimacy and how to live in communion and union.

Our celebrations...
develop your capacity for ecstasy, expand contact with your inner lover, and fulfill needs to be deeply seen and received. Intimacy becomes safer as you learn to set healthy boundaries.
we gently share breathing, imagery, body movement, and awareness exercises that free up the Kundalini, the vital life force of sexual energy, making it available to the whole body, mind and soul.
incorporates sacred and sensual arts from all over the world, including the best of modern therapy and communication skills. Participants experienced in Tantra help re-create ancient exalted love temples and support each person's process while offering role models of empowered sexuality. Eastern temple dancing, erotic massage, sensual awakening ceremonies, and ecstatic breathing practices carry this knowledge to a cellular level.

Deep changes ensue.

Many participants repeat these groups and bring their friends, so new people join a community of people already discovering the joys of learning to live the ecstatic life, to love with their whole being. As in the ancient temples, those who practice Tantra for years, many in the healing arts, give freely of their time as Assistants to help open the realm of healthy relationships to each enrollee. Our talented team offers each person individual support as she/he faces the challenges of becoming more authentic.

Tantra Pujas: Erotic Worskhop, Intimate Presence
Francesca Gentille interviews
Evalena Rose

A Moira Shepard interviews
Evalena Rose:


Ann Sanders interviews
Evalena Rose
February 21, 2006
Ann Sanders interview with
Evalena Rose
July 10, 2007

Veronica Monet interview with Evalena Rose
March 21, 2011


People gathering around this work assist each other in mastering these spiritual practices through informal support and social circles, peer led breathing circles, and sharing wondrous spaces of safe and sacred connection.

No explicit sexual activity is ever required or suggested. Our careful work with boundaries maintains safe and sacred space, supporting each person in finding their best level of participation.

Participants of all sexual preferences are welcome, both couples and singles.


"Tantra has cracked me open and given my heart and body a new venue to move and explore within... Where there is Tantra, there is true love."
- J. T., participant

"Evalena creates such a loving and supportive container. The emphasis on universal love, and self as beloved, truly creates a sacredness to the whole weekend. I love Tantra. It's healing, spiritual, embodied and fun!"
- anonymous participant

The Great Room Awaits

*Rose art by Sharon Neal Williams