LoveJourney: Tantra of the Heart was founded by Evalena Rose, M.A. in 1997 to share her work, often with co-teachers, through Tantra and healthy intimacy workshops. It has become an umbrella for the work of others who offer heart-centered work that supports sacred relationships.


Evalena and our Other Teachers and Community Leaders, coach women, men and couples in how to apply Tantra in their lives and in developing communication that sustains intimacy. Around the San Francisco Bay Area, and in festivals and conferences world-wide, amazing workshops and presentations further the field of personal development.

A sacred, compassionate community is being fostered of people living a conscious, sex-positive lifestyle and supporting each other in living with transparency and honesty. We share a passion to develop ways to live in harmony and peace with the New Culture movement.

More recently, Evalena has become deeply involved in these New Culture gatherings and camps that seek to foster communication skills, peace, and harmony in community, both non-residential like LoveJourney, and group homes. We host gatherings as experiments in living in transparency and compassion, gleaning from the interplay between our country and the Zegg Community in Germany and the Tamera Community in Portugal.

The explorations, especially the Sacred Paths to Erotic Bliss, our ongoing 6 month group, may include Tantric breath practices, body image, sensual massage, movement and ritual. Together, we create a safe and sacred space for emotional and sexual healing that clears trauma and abuse, opening the way for new levels of ecstasy.

“Come allow the teachers of this timeless wisdom as well as the truly supportive and unconditionally loving students present, to assist in raising your energy and warming your heart.” ~ A.V., Participant

“I love how the exercises and processes bring us closer to ourselves and each other. The facilitators present the material with expertise and grace.” -S. H. Self-employed participant

“Evalena, Lindy, and their co-teachers and assistants, quickly and adeptly develop a safe and trusting environment to explore edgy topics and exercises. They make it fun, exciting, and interesting to be in this Tantra circle” – L. C., community leader and participant

Participants of all sexual preferences are welcome, both couples and singles.

No explicit sexual activity is ever required or suggested. Our careful work with boundaries maintains safe and sacred space, supporting each person in finding their best level of participation.