Ancient peoples understood it takes a community of trained priests and priestesses to support us in opening our sexuality and learning the arts of sacred love-making. They peopled their temples with dakas and dakinis (sexual healers).

Our community includes people who have long studied Tantra and give of their time for the beauty of assisting others to open. Many are trained in bodywork, therapy or healing and are able to deeply support you in dropping old wounds and held emotions.


Alyssa Anaya has been studying and practicing Tantra for 15 years, and teaching Tantra for 12 years. She considers Tantra part of the foundation of her spirituality, along with meditation, yoga, and energy work. Alyssa is a healer and priestess who currently works in Human Resources. She has an M. Div. in spiritual counseling, and loves to hold space for the beautiful unfoldings that happen in Evalena’s workshops.

“I plan to be fine, fit and fabulous at a hundred,” proclaims the 57 youthful Asara Tsehai African Medicine Woman. She has over 35 years of experience in cultural health and wellness and has supported thousands of individuals in their healing process. She apprenticed for 2 years with a Tantric Master and has had 10 years experience in the tantric world.

She is the author of the life changing book ” The Ancient Principles of Radiant Health”  and has produced the unique 9 Breath Meditation 2 disc CD set combining voice, music, and the breath to release stress. Ms. Tsehai has recently launched her newest creation “Ancient Treasure” an All-In-One natural anti-aging  moisturizer with 40 healing

David SpinneyDavid Spinney began his life journey into the human potential movement in his early 20’s, and has explored such avenues as Actualizations, Reiki, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, and even EST. He has been active with HAI for decades, leading Support Groups, Community Events and MiniWorkshops. In 2010, David finally attended his first New Culture event, and is now a camp organizer, presenter and Zegg Form Facilitator. David has facilitated Brené Brown’s Shame Resilience Workshops for several years. Discovering LoveJourney Tantra has been a highlight, and he actively assists whenever possible. His passion is heartfully supporting emotional and spiritual growth through deep listening and loving presence.

A Visionary Master Trainer & Facilitator, Queen Rev. Mutima Imani Mutimaworks to Heal the Heart of Humanity. For 36 years, Mutima has offered healings, spiritual coaching and Rites of Passage programs to women. A Religious Science Minister, she has studied Native American Shamanism and Tantra. She passionately invokes the Divine Spirit of Love, Loving-Kindness and Forgiveness in all of her work. Most she works in the East Bay and consults around the country.

Tess RyanTess Ryan, a Certified Tantra Educator who has practiced Tantra for 11 years, co-facilitated workshops in Borneo, Malaysia, and worked as a sexual healer. She co-hosts Tantra Garden gatherings with her beloved David Mudge in Martinez, CA. Tess has been a student and teacher of yoga and yogic philosophy for over 20 years. She is certified in the Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra and has blended that practice with her Tantric background and passion for sound healing through singing to create a unique offering that guides people to open and remember who they really are. Tess is committed to her personal growth and to bringing safety, compassion, support, and Love to everyone she meets, in everything she does.


rachel-nature-girlOur Administrator and Logistic Coordinator, Rachel Adair is a Priestess from the Sanctuary of the Open Heart, an initiated shaman of The Third Road Faery Tradition and a certified permaculture designer. As a published author, she blends eco-sex, mysticism, open relationships and erotica in her series of fictional novels. She has been leading workshops, organizing volunteers and participating in intentional circles since the turn of the century. You’ll find her sharing her Sensuality Salon workshops at LoveJourney on occasion.

Best Shot Wedding - Copy The Beautiful Gardens and Grounds are maintained by Mark Siedler.  He is aware of anything happening out of alignment on the property.  In his other life, Mark brings to the world an amazing ability to hear what is out of alignment in people and addresses life issues in a light-hearted manner that releases the pain of the past and creates freedom for new futures, particularly in the area of love.  He and his beloved wife Lynetta help others find their beloveds through their Soulmate Fastrack program.

Bio1Lynetta Avery- Temple Keeper    When you arrive here at Love Journey, I may be the one greeting you with a warm smile.  I prepare the space for temple rentals and overnight guests and will get you familiar with logistics. At times I am working in the gardens on the property and a part time Personal Assistant to Evalena.

Other gifts I bring to the world, Soulmate Coach, Reiki Master and Sound Healing.  LoveJourney is a Space where I have grown far beyond what I ever thought was possible.