Ancient peoples understood it takes a community of trained priests and priestesses to support us in opening our sexuality and learning the arts of sacred love-making. They peopled their temples with dakas and dakinis (sexual healers). Our community includes people who have long studied Tantra and give of their time for the beauty of assisting others to open. Many are trained in bodywork, therapy or healing and are able to deeply support you in dropping old wounds and held emotions.


Asara8.16 Asara Tsehai : “I plan to be fine, fit and fabulous at a hundred,” proclaims the 57 youthful African Medicine Woman. She has over 35 years of experience in cultural health and wellness and has supported thousands of individuals in their healing process. She apprenticed for 2 years with a Tantric Master and has had 10 years experience in the tantric world.

She is the author of the life changing book ” The Ancient Principles of Radiant Health”  and has produced the unique 9 Breath Meditation 2 disc CD set combining voice, music, and the breath to release stress. Ms. Tsehai has recently launched her newest creation “Ancient Treasure” an All-In-One natural anti-aging  moisturizer with 40 healing



David Mudge, “The Tantra Gardener” brings the Earth, its groundedness and fecundity, into conversation with Consciousness through the language of the erotic arts. The healing properties of nature provides Purpose and Creativity through the art of landscaping.

A native of Devon, England with a background in Agriculture, he moved to California in 1991.In 2002, he discovered Tantra with Margot Anand and Steve and Lokita Carter. Appreciating Evalena’s craft in creating safe space for transformation through Tantric practices, he has assisted Evalena many times since his first Puja with her in 2004. Beginning in 2006 he has hosted close to 69 Tantra gatherings at his home in Martinez.

“I value the intelligence and energy of the Heart in all exchanges. I believe that the breath and the moving of energy with, or without, a partner can be an incredibly powerful tool for erotic expression, self discovery and healing on many deep levels.”


Grace Hernandez loves to dance with energy and heart connection. She works as a marriage and family therapist, and plays as a Tantra workshop assistant for LoveJourney and Lindy James. She is a healer and facilitator supporting and empowering individuals to move beyond fear into real connection with source, self, and others. Grace embraces the power of love to heal, renew, arouse, and inspire. Through her own personal Tantra journey Grace has discovered herself to be a delicious, erotic, playful expression of the goddess. She looks forward to dancing with you!




Joni Caldwell started teaching human sexuality in the 1970s and is currently teaching it at Monterey Peninsula Community College. Over the last decade she has become an expert in female sexuality.

Charles Muir was Joni’s first Tantra teacher in the 1980s. In the ‘90s Joni started incest recovery healing. Being a participant in Evalena Rose’s Love Journey: Tantra of the Heart for the last 2 years has rekindled her love of Tantra. As a sexual abuse survivor, Joni”s passion is to support other survivors in exploring and healing so that their life reflects a wide range of healthy choices with strong boundaries created from a place of safety, clarity, and compassion.

Joni brings decades of experience as a therapist, counselor, and sexuality coach to the Sacred Relationship Skills 6 month Group.




Rachel Adair enjoys supporting in these transformational events.  She has studied The Thirteen Moon Priestess path  from the Sanctuary of the Open Heart, has become an initiated shaman of The Third Road Faery Tradition and a is certified permaculture designer. As a published author, she blends eco-sex, mysticism, open relationships and erotica in her series of fictional novels. She has been leading workshops, organizing volunteers and participating in intentional circles since the turn of the century.




A Visionary Master Trainer & Facilitator, Queen Rev. Mutima Imani Mutimaworks to Heal the Heart of Humanity. For 36 years, Mutima has offered healings, spiritual coaching and Rites of Passage programs to women. A Religious Science Minister, she has studied Native American Shamanism and Tantra. She passionately invokes the Divine Spirit of Love, Loving-Kindness and Forgiveness in all of her work. Most she works in the East Bay and consults around the country.