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Luminessa Enjara – May 2, 2010

I met Evalena Rose in 1987 when I began working for Lori Grace, a local tantra teacher who at that time was offering many workshops and events in tantra through her organization, Celebrations of Love. Evalena studied with Lori for several years and then became the therapist for her community. This interview, I feel, will give you a deeper understanding of how embracing tantra fully as a way of living life can change you and your life for the better.

L: What brought you into Tantra?NYE-photo.cropped-flipped-e1443131996795-110x164
E: As a therapist and an incest survivor I began seeing women who were also survivors and they would say to me that it wasn’t fair that they had to live through horrible things as children and then relive it as adults. They wanted to know how they could ever get over it. Tantra seemed liked a big part of the answer to that because instead of dwelling in the past it brings you into the present moment. It helps you discover what deep presence is and it works on bringing in your light and divinity which is the other side of healing. That helped bring me into teaching.

L: What has tantra done for you?
E: It has given me a core sense of self and the practices have allowed me to keep coming back to center. It has allowed me to open my heart and be in a more unconditional relationship with life. I feel that tantra helps you get below the ego into a heart centered place where there are just more options.

L: How do you define tantra for yourself?
E: Tantra weaves together erotic and romantic arts from wisdom traditions from all over the planet. It teaches people heart-centered connection and ways of interacting where you meet essence to essence, soul to soul, where you are seeing each others divinity and I feel that brings out the best in each of us.

L: So tell us more about your therapy work?
E: As a therapist I do more energetic healing and since 1985 channeled readings with the Council of 12, a group of entities from the White Brotherhood. I worked with both men and women in Marin and then came up to Sebastopol and started what I call Love Journey, the Healing Path of Tantra for Women. I worked primarily with the lesbian community here in Sonoma county at that time. Then I took my partner to a tantra camp and they asked me to do rituals or pujas for men and women there. So I really have now two communities that I teach in a lesbian and bi community and a men’s and women’s community.

L: How has your personal work with tantra effected the work you do with other people?
E: I began teaching women because someone asked me to in Portland, Oregon. I am sure my own healing from incest was in part what led me to working with women who were sexually abused and that opened me to teaching tantra. It feels pretty woven together for me in the sense that tantra opens the doors to really deep healing, and to become sovereign in their body which so many people aren’t if they have been in an abusive home or even in a neglectful home. And so as I helped others regain their sovereignty I helped myself as well. I feel that being a key person in a community has required me to learn communication skills and ways of speaking to people that is very heart centered and positive. So it has activated my own growth in terms of communication and sharing deep honesty with other people.

L: So it seems like what you are saying is that it has been an integral part of your own personal development on all levels for you?
E: It has been very significant for me. Much of the time I have studied tantra is when I have not been in a relationship. So much of my focus has been on the beloved within or with the Divine Beloved. What distinguishes me from other tantra teachers is that I am also a therapist and a channel. So when I am teaching I am very tuned in to spirit and when I lead pujas I stand in the middle of the room and tune into what needs to happen next. I am really in that divine beloved relationship while I am working and that has changed everything in my life. It has mellowed my edges and has helped me to become more accepting and kind of others in my life and of myself.

L: That is really very powerful and so it has helped to redefine you as a human being.
E: I feel very radically different from the person who first began doing tantra; much more at peace with myself, I spend a lot of my days in love. I walk out into the garden or the full moon and I am in love. I live much more from my heart because of tantra.

L: So for you it has been your path. Tantra has given you everything and you really do live a tantric lifestyle.
E: It has woven into everything in my life. When I do sessions with people I am aware of the breath and if I am feeling a little off I just pray until I feel that life source flowing into me. Many days I am tired because I am so busy and I just run energy throughout the day. I feel like I am in a tantric relationship with life. It is very integral to everything I do.

L: What are you currently doing now and how can we access you?
E: I do private sessions and channeled readings and over half of my clients are in other states and countries. I bring through the Council of Twelve, one of the ancient councils of light, and the primary focal point has been with Babaji. He is also one of the primary guides for tantra. So I feel like I am literally working at the feet of the master. It makes it life transforming for me. I also do what I call MetaTherapy, which includes emotional release, body centered therapy, channeling, energy clearing and soul retrieval. My workshops if they are mixed are about half singles and half couples. All boundaries are respected and to do a puja you have to do at least one workshop. My specialty is really teaching undulation and breath work. Running kundalini energy and moving it through the body is really re-wiring the energy of the body. I also do a great deal of work around boundaries.

The workshops that Evalena is now offering are Sacred Paths to Erotic Bliss, which is a six month group for men and women, Introductory Evenings, day long Sacred Romance workshops and Circle of Radiance Pujas for Experienced Tantrikas.

For private sessions with Evalena – MetaTherapy, Channeled Readings, or healing work, and for more articles and videos, go to evalenarose.com.