Lodging at LoveJourney

Held in Sebastopol, CA. at a lovely rural retreat center with two hot tubs and beautiful private gardens. (15 minutes west of Santa Rosa, 75 miles north of San Francisco.) Call 707-824-1117 or email for information on airporters and carpooling.

Add $35 per person/per night for the basic lodging (Great Room or Loft). During LoveJourney events, all lodging includes a full, organic, delicious breakfast.

Overnight accommodations: You can stay at the Temple and enjoy its quiet country gardens and hot tubs. We have 2 beds in our loft above the great room, three single mattresses that could be reserved in the workshop space on a first request basis, and floor space in the workshop room. Private spaces are also available. Contact us at 707 824-1117 for more information.

Healing Room

Healing Room

Large private room with shared bathroom, double bed, couch and chairs, with tea service. Bedding and towels provided. – $95
Healing Room Bed

Studio Room

Large private room with shared bathroom, two queen beds, small fridge, toaster oven, and coffee maker. Bedding and towels provided. – $95

Studio Beds Studio Room


Your Own Tent

Bring everything but the space! We’ll provide room here on our grounds – $25 Single, $35 Double



Loft Space

Shared bed pads, twin or double, above the great room. Linens provided. – $45 Single, $70 Double

Loft Space

Great Room

Shared dormitory space with twin bed pads for first three registrants, later registrants bring own pad. All bring own linens, blankets or bedroll – $35

The Great Room

Reserve your room or bed early to ensure a space.
A lovely organic breakfast is included in the overnight fee during LoveJourney programs.

Pay for your lodging online.

To ensure a space, call 707-824-1117 or email early.