Circle of HeartsThe Circle of Hearts Scholarship Fund opens opportunities for women and men who would greatly benefit from LoveJourney workshops, but whose financial realities prevent them from doing so.

Some deal with disability, others are single parents, students, or in transition, with too few resources to enjoy the privilege of such life-changing weekends.


We have enough calls for scholarships for our events to require much more than our current fund holds.

Our hope would be to provide at least:

  • Six 60% scholarships and two 35% scholarships for individuals of demonstrated financial need, plus
  • Two 35% scholarships, so work exchange individuals no longer need to miss a workshop process to serve us or clean up.


Visit our CrowdFunding Page to see Video Testimonials from Scholarship Recipients.

If every LoveJourney participant gives $25, we’d reach our goal.  More likely is one or two large gifts of $1000-2000 and many smaller gifts from $10 to $50.

Where is your level of giving? Please give generously now for your deserving sisters and brothers.

Donate online and choose “Pay Custom Amount”.

Need a scholarship? apply here.

Donate to the on-going life of the Temple!

Our community is privileged to have a beautiful, private sanctuary, one that requires a village to sustain it. Throughout time, spiritual centers like this Temple flourish through the gifts of time and money from the communities they serve.

We are grateful that many gift their time and talents to this work, and grateful to those equally generous with financial resources. Donations are required to keep serving the diverse peoples we reach. When this life-changing work is well funded, it can touch and open more people to the power of love, helping heal the world.

Consider a Tithe: (a gift given to a source of spiritual support – sacred giving)

LoveJourney’s income covers overhead, expenses, and staff salaries (at least in a good economy!) while donations allow development of new services, products, and video outreach.  Evalena’s means of support is her private clients, while her Temple work is her service to the world and your gifts free her to focus on that service. You gain the praise of all who benefit from this work and all who are being trained to do it.

To donate by credit card, PayPal, or directly to LoveJourney, donate online for these special projects or our general operating fund..

  1. Scholarship Fund: for those of limited financial means. $12,000 would fill our events, benefit 20 or more people and all their lives touch.
  2. Photo and Video Development Fund: Professionally created photos and videos reveal the beautiful sacredness of this work. These will be used as gifts to the world, offering up Evalena’s legacy, and as products to sell for residual income.  $6000 covers costs of producing them with most labor donated. Read more.
  3. Remodeling Fund: Turning an old barn into a cottage for Evalena, adding three rooms for overnights, opening new income streams to sustain the Temple. Read more. $10,000
  4. Marketing Director: contributing toward the salary of this part-time developer of our amazing new flyers, emails, web pages, photo shoot and marketing plans. Match Evalena’s $1600/month with $1600 more for one or more months.
  5. Equipment Upgrades Fund: Sound system, microphones, computers. $3000

Consider becoming a Sponsor

Sponsors take the burden of fundraising off our limited Temple staff, allowing those of greater financial resources to open doors to this ecstatic path for those who have less. Last fall, a sponsor gifted the $5000 in scholarships needed for 8 more women to have the life-changing experience of the Six Month Group, touching many lives. Our new subfloor to Evalena’s cottage had a sponsor, as did it’s roof, both matched by labor being gifted by a contractor and her helpers. Deep gratitude!

Sponsors who cover a whole project bring great ease to our lives and we are grateful  We’re equally grateful to those who give small gifts when they can.

Monthly automatic withdrawals are a lovely way to give, even $20 a month.

Become a land partner ~ not a donation, but an investment. Put your resources toward the long term well-being of this sacred endeavor.


Tax Deductible Donations: Use The News Foundation

LoveJourney is pleased to have developed an alliance with Use The News Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1998 that has provided fiscal sponsorship to community education programs like ours during the past 20 years. With Use The News Foundation as our fiscal sponsor, your donations to LoveJourney are tax-deductible!

Use The News Foundation was established to encourage the use of media of all types (print, broadcast, cable, film, theater, Internet, etc.) as a tool for teaching and learning and as a means for obtaining information that one needs for basic life skills and to make informed decisions about one’s own life. This foundation has determined that our offerings meet these criteria and that those who seek information about our services are using media for educational purposes.

This Foundation was founded by Betty L. Sullivan of Betty’s List and Sullivan Communications in San Francisco. Learn more. Many of our women have come from the circles reached by her listservers and web site. For this tax deduction, send your check to Use The News Foundation, 2251 Market Street #309, San Francisco, CA 94114., noting it is for LoveJourney.

Use The News Foundation
2251 Market Street #309
San Francisco, CA 94114.
They will send an acknowledgment letter to verify your donation for tax purposes.
Use The News Foundation: Tax ID# 94-3302611.

If you want to donate by credit card or Paypal, please go donate online and choose “Pay Custom Amount”.