Exploring The Arts of Sacred Romance

Enjoy LoveJourney’s deeply honoring style of awakening your sensuality.

with Evalena Rose in Bay Area


March 9-10 

Community Congregational Church in Tiburon

April 20-21 

Rudramandir in Berkeley




Couples and Singles, all preferences and genders welcome!

Couples can choose to do all exercises together or with different partners.
Pre-Registration Required.
Registration Links Below.
707-824-1117 or info@lovejourneytantra.com
Details and Directions sent upon Registration. 

Evalena also seeing clients in Bay Area on the Friday of the event.

Call to schedule your appointment today! 707-824-1117.


Intro to Tantra & Deepening Into Sacred Love

Friday 6:30 pm-9:30 pm &

Saturday 10 am-5:00pm 

  • Explore energetic connections that support deep intimacy.
  • Release patterns of connecting that impede closeness.
  • Experience the deep, fulfilling presence that Tantric exchanges make possible.
  • Learn to ask for what you want in ways that enhance eros & passion.
  • Enjoy this experiential evening led in safety and sacredness, clothes on.
  • Enjoy Tantric breath practices that prepare the body for full body orgasm and the heart for sacred love
  • Learn techniques that activate vital energy centers and create ecstatic states
  • Open to your deep sensual nature
  • Deepen your connection to self, one another, and to Spirit


Learn energy-moving breathwork, enjoy a sexual healing meditation that deepens your connection with self, and explore open-hearted, sacred interactions with others. Discover the nature of this amazing sacred path that opens you to more sexual aliveness and the ecstatic life.

Evalena guides the practice of erotic arts and heart-centered exchanges, that create joyous openings and profoundly pleasurable interactions. Enjoy a deeply-embodied and soulful exploration of presence, all held in a container of boundaries and unconditional love.

Ray and David dancingEcstatic Evening Puja

Saturday 6:30-9:30 pm

Join us at 5:00 for a community potluck!

Share joyous ritual with beginners and many who practice Tantra. Prefer you have taken an Introduction to Tantra, though not required.
  • Breathe into heart-filled delights!
  • Enjoy being nurtured in sacred exchanges.
  • Explore sensual and erotic passions with honor and respect.
  • Hone Tantric skills and nourish new connections.
  • Deepening bonds bring healing to all!
Many wonderful partners await!

“The best of many pujas I’ve been to, the most whole and complete. All energy—not genital or sexual—yet orgasmic!

Friday and All Saturday:

Singles $190, Pair $325

*Early Birds Save 10% up to 10 days prior

March/ Tiburon Registration

April/ Berkeley Registration


Saturday Puja Only: Singles $35, Pair $50

March/ Tiburon Registration

April/ Berkeley Registration

Friday Intro Only: Singles $25, Pair $40

March/ Tiburon Registration

April/ Berkeley Registration

This spiritual path of Tantra opens you to sexual aliveness and sacred love. Let breath practices open your body to full-body orgasm.

Most find these events to be fulfilling, joyous, and nurturing.  Great way to meet intimacy needs and learn great tools for relationship.

“It was a wonderful workshop… so many memorable moments and exercises that have already made a difference in the way I move in the world.” ~ Clark T., participant, Oakland 09

“The people that you are attracting to your seminars are wonderful and I experienced an amazing level of simpatico with everyone I was interacting with.” ~ D. R., CEO, participant, Oakland 09
“An amazing day!” ~ Nancy
“Safe, warm, loving”
“Tremendous opportunity to heal wounds re: the opposite sex. Sincere, caring, and loving touch can move mountains!”
“I am profoundly moved to experience the living tantric space that you so beautifully embody. Your work opened me to more fully commit to myself to say Yes.” ~ G. F.

Pre-Registration Required.

We accept your definition of a pair.
Work exchange or scholarships are available.