Evalena is an Oracle of Change, 33 years a channel for The Council of Twelve who collaborate with people to help them evolve.  Guides apply a laser-like focus to help you think through issues, solutions, lessons learned.

Enjoy a heart-filled audience with Light Beings whose wisdom supports your decision-making and sovereignty.  Guidance is practical and potent.  Outmoded beliefs are replaced with an enhanced sense of self.

The Council’s version of Soul Retrieval vastly facilitates recovery from trauma as it brings all of a person’s Soul Essence into now, quickly, with love. Energies of others are removed. Council’s explanation.

“I’ve worked with Evalena 25 years in amazing and beneficial ways from therapist to healer to channel. She has really supported me in creating my own exceptional, prosperous and fulfilling business. I highly recommend experiencing the magic Evalena can create in your life!” ~ J M, Corporate Trainer, CA

The Council of Twelve, an ancient Council of the White Brotherhood of Light, has served our planet for eons. It includes many Light Beings such as Melchizedek, Babaji, Christ, Mary Magdalen, St. Germain, Metatron, Aphrodite and Isis.  Kali facilitates clearings of past trauma, other lifetimes or dark energies.  Divine Mother is invoked in deep healing and inner child work.

“Evalena is an extraordinarily clear & accurate channel, a dedicated, compassionate healer, truly a joy to work with!  I have overcome significant challenges & made big changes because of her.  Recommend her wholeheartedly & enthusiastically!”  ~S.B.

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