Oregon Tantra Festival

May 30 – June 12th

A Sensual Online Event


This 2-week online festival offers conscious movement, ceremony, respectful touch practices, relationship and communication skills, and tantric meditations all through the modern magic of online conference rooms (yay, Zoom!) and the comfort of your home.
Evalena will be leading 3 workshops:
1. Erotic Communication, Negotiating Boundaries:
Sun. May 31: 1-3 pm PDT, 4-6pm EST.
Experience negotiating a shared playing field, and asserting your needs in ways that enhance self-esteem and build self confidence – yours and the other’s. 
An Erotic Pleasuring Meditation:
Monday June 1: 1-3 pm PDT, 4-6pm EST.
A well-loved solo practice that deepens your love affair with yourself and with the Divine Beloved. 
Creating a Solo Erotic Life!
Thurs , June 11: 1-3 pm PDT, 4-6 EST.
Demos, practice loving touch and romance that opens all of you to orgasmic self-love. Inner yin and yang court sacred union.


Yes, even online we can EXPERIENCE the strong field of transformation and love that is created when we join our hearts,
honor our bodies and bring sacred intention into all levels of being.

PARTICIPATE in an open, caring community of like-minded souls, and come play with us!
This gathering brings potent moments for increasing hope, vitality and joy, carrying us all forward on our paths.


SoulPlay Festival

September 24 – 27, 2020

Cobb, CA


Join Evalena at SOULPLAY where she will lead a

Radiant Heart Puja and the workshop:

 “Living As An Empath: Tips, Tools, & Boundaries”

“The best organized and well-run festival in my 40 years of festivals, so beautifully orchestrated.” ~ Evalena

Ease into a long weekend of pure joy and personal growth at the SoulPlay Festival. It is something entirely unique, just like you are.

Join this treasured community…..be part of the welcoming love that is waiting to adore you and your family with open arms.

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SoulPlay is a multi-day conscious gathering focused on heart-opening connection, personal expansion and blissful dance.

We come together in the light of summer to celebrate our experiences and growing- lessons together. Together we dance, laugh, cry and celebrate all that life has to offer.

World class presenters will facilitate workshops inDance & Movement, Intimacy & Communication, Yoga, Inner World Explorations, Creativity & Play and many others.

We will also enjoy a diverse range of live musical offerings, to shake our bodies and tantalize our souls.


Use code LOVEJOURNEY for a $20 discount!

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