Monday – Friday, 8-8:30 am Conference Call
4 weeks for $25, available ongoing
Can’t beat that!
You can join any time.
Each morning I guide you in letting go of the thinking mind and opening up to the felt sense of the body. As we start to relax, we begin to develop focused awareness in connection to how we feel in the moment, letting go of past or future pondering.

We will sit developing an inner stillness together.

Periods of silence and periods of gentle guidance bringing your attention to
and being with what is felt in the body.

What a great way to begin your day with relaxed and focused mind!

We complete our session with creating a positive intention for the day, acknowledging what you are grateful for in the present.

I will provide the number to call after I have received your payment of $25.
No one turned away for lack of funds, contact me: (831) 662-3768 or [email protected]

Send check to: PO Box 1942, Aptos CA, 95001

Why Meditate?

In my experience, Most of our troubles begin with not having mastery over our minds.
Daily meditation helps you rest better in yourself, feel empowered and develop peace of mind in your life.

It is the mind with its beliefs and habitual patterns that takes us away from clarity, inspiration and direction. I myself experience confusion and doubts about my own offerings and then I can turn around to the pure joy of my work with people.

What makes the difference? I go from thinking mind to feeling awareness. By going inside to take up residence in my body, I am connected to what I know to be true. I can step out of the story of my fears.

May you always know how divine you are.

lindy-james-150x205Lindy James, a Certified Tantra Educator who has practiced Tantra for 20 years, counsels couples and individuals in the “Art of Conscious Loving” in Santa Cruz, CA. Trained in the Hakomi Method, she offers “Wind Horse,” a unique blend of Hakomi and horseback riding.

“In all my work, my essential focus is sacred intimacy.”