1-7:30 pm


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What will you receive from this 1/2 Day Workshop?

  • Learn how to communicate lovingly and effectively
  • Empower your NO and your YES
  • Listen to what your heart desires
  • Sacred Touch beyond sex
  • Open your body to new ways of listening


 “I felt surrounded by an amazing group of people – and look forward to more work together.”

Clear and open communication skills are always a part of creating healthy intimacy and an essential part of Tantra. The best of tools to unravel power struggles with another are used along with sharing augmented by breathing. Boundaries are carefully worked with, since permission to say no and ask for what you want creates safety.

“Having twice participated in Evalena’s 6 month group, I highly recommend it to any who wants to grow and connect more deeply with self and with safe and close community. I learned how to honor and skillfully communicate my boundaries and to keep my heart open in the midst of vulnerable moments.  The profound learning about female and male sexuality and intimacy was so rich that I grieved going through so much of my adult life without it.  Evalena provides a safe and profound container, experiences, and opportunities for integration.”            – Junelle Porter

  • Explore what happens energetically between you and another, and what coping mechanisms unconsciously arise with intimacy.
  • Discover ways to consciously choose your preferred energetic connections and
  • Experience ways that you open to, or avoid, deep intimacy
  • Delve into patterns and how to release them
  • In dyads, experience the deep presence that Tantric exchanges make possible
  • Explore boundaries within the pleasures of giving/receiving touch through erotic communication skills and asking for what you want


Also practice dancing erotically, and to heal through sacred touch, song and sounding. These techniques expand the space in which you and another can play, making connections a haven for healing.

Life Transforming Experience!

“I walked in oblivious and left touched, motivated and inspired.”  – Jerry Davis, 2017-18 participant

“Fantastic, excruciatingly challenging (was thrilled with that!), very triggering, exhausting, beautiful, loving, just what the doctor ordered. Assistants were AMAZING in how they tended to people” – Sharon Davis, MFT, 2017-18 participant

“The overall energy during the event was very loving. It was a group of beautiful people. All the teachers and assistants did a great job, were very supportive and created a very safe space for us.” – SS Healer, Oct 2017 participant

Whether single or in a committed partnership, with this free workshop you have the opportunity to discover how the Sacred Relationships course can open new doorways to intimacy with yourself and others.  Experience a safe environment to learn, grow and get messy.

Apply now to see if this workshop is the right fit for you.

Applications must be received by midnight October 25.  You must complete all fields in order to be considered.

“I have taken Evalena’s 6-month workshop three times. It has been very healing and transformative for me. I highly recommend it, whether you are brand new to Tantra, or very experienced with it.” – SS Healer

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