2017 Date and Location TBD

Facilitated by

Kelly Bryson, MFT, MA and
Evalena Rose, MA

Join this deep exploration and training in Zegg Forum, a facilitated awareness and communication group process. Develop the confidence, skills, tools, and intuition for facilitating Forum. Heart-centered transparency will set you free!

We will:

Experience, practice and live “Divine Democracy” as we co-create our learning/growth experience.
Learn to use Zegg Forum to explore individual and group inner conflicts and challenges.
Empower groups and individuals to find clarity and strength, and to give truth a voice.
Create more trust and aliveness within the group or community.
Make our motivations, feelings, longings, ideas, and emotions overt within the group context.
Provide opportunities for participants to learn to facilitate Forum and receive instructive feedback.
Explore and experience the basic issues involved in community implementation.

It takes a village to raise a consciousness.

We will practice various methods of creative communication with an emphasis on the Zegg Forum process. Forum was crafted to help everyone go beyond politeness and the common games of hiding and disguise, which builds trust within community. It can be used for staff training and for resolving conflicts by helping people be more open and transparent.

We aim for a life where feelings and energies are flowing freely; a life where we don’t avoid conflicts, but look at them as opportunities to go deeper. Forum creates a space to experience social communication in a more intimate atmosphere of trust. A person connected with her or his inner truth, no matter how wounded, is always beautiful and the process will create love.

Suggested donation: $385 before 2/9, $425 thereafter, for this 3 day training.
Location near Occidental – directions and details sent upon pre-registration.

For more information call 707-824-1117.

Lodging: Contact us if you’d like a list of local accommodations.

Kelly Bryson

Kelly Bryson, MA, MFT

Licensed Therapist, Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer (over 20 years), Author of the best selling book, Don’t be Nice, Be Real, humorist, singer songwriter, Zegg Forum leader (9 years), New Culture Community Builder, and organizational developer. Kelly is a Life Coach, alternative relationship counselor, originator of Tribal Technologies, producer of New Culture Spring Camps (7th annual), communitarian, keynote speaker, teacher of many tools and modalities for a “heart-centered” approach to life, partnerships, and groups.
Kelly is devoted to helping develop ways to foster communication skills, peace, and harmony in community, both non-residential like LoveJourney, and residential. Our gatherings are experiments in living in transparency and compassion, gleaning from his travels and the interplay he experiences with the Zegg Community in Germany and the Tamera Community in Portugal.

Evalena Rose

Evalena Rose, M.A.

…has helped facilitate the development of communities for 38 years since she volunteered full time as President of the Austin Area Holistic Health Association, developing programs that helped build the holistic community in Austin and statewide in the 80s. She actively devotes time and resources to the furtherance of the experiments of New Culture, hosting twice-monthly gatherings, and leading events at longer camps.

“Learning to guide Zegg Forum felt the answer to a long quest to create more peace, harmony and trust among people.”