Sensuality Salon

Come join Rachel Adair for a fun evening of self care!

Upcoming dates in downtown Sebastopol:

February 8



All genders welcome! 

Ladies: No Cost/ Pay what you will

Male orientation regular price:

 Singles: $35, Two or More: $30 each

~Discover an intimate relationship with nature~

Good for friends, lovers, those meeting for the first time,

date night or friends night out.

We will be moving into different groups throughout the evening.

Couples can choose to stay together or go with the flow.


  • Gift yourself an evening of nourishment
  • Work in a variety of small groups to co-create a safe experience
  • Tantalize your senses with taste, touch, scent and sound
  • Relax into being served
  • Give and receive open-hearted exchanges
  • Awaken yourself to everyday sensual delights


“The connection to our sensuality is a direct correlation to the connection to our planet.  Earth is a very sensual place.  In every realm, the senses can be tantalized to the fullest extent. The key is to awaken ourselves to this vast expanse of enlivened ecstasies.”- Rachel Adair, EcoSexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love


707-824-1117[email protected]

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Rachel Adair is a true EcoSexual.  She is a priestess from the 13 Moon Mystery School, an initiated shaman of the Third Road Faery Tradition and a certified permaculture designer.  As a published author, she blends mysticism, open relationships and erotica in her series of fictional novels.  She has been leading workshops, organizing volunteers and participating in intentional circles since the turn of the century.  She is an avid practitioner of tantra, permaculture and local, earth-based living.  /