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Sponsored by LoveJourney

For Women and Men – Singles and Couples

Saturday October 22nd, 4 – 10pm

Energy, Joy, Bliss & Connection…

This gathering is a fun, deliciously sensual journey of movement, breath, sound, awakening of the senses, and touch to renew and rejuvenate.

It Includes:

  • 5 Elements-of-Nature Dance to warm-up – Release Stress & Have Fun
  • Tantra Touch – Playful, Yummy, & Heart-Opening exercises
  • Enjoy an evening Massage Party receiving Beautiful, Innocent Healing Touch

Note: We create clear, heart centered boundaries with no sexual touching.



Pre-Registration Required

$55 per person/ $95 per couple until October 14

$70 per person/ $110 per couple thereafter

Held at a lovely retreat center near Sebastopol, CA.

Overnights available.

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Sharon McDanielSharon McDaniel is certified in Yoga Meets Dance, Massage, and Life Coaching. She has been a BodyWorker/Healing Facilitator for 25 years. She has synergized Movement, Breath, Sound, Life Coaching, Massage, Meditation, Sensuality and Tantra. She loves helping people increase Energy, Joy, Bliss and Connection. www.RadiantRenewal.com

Sharon’s previous workshops at LoveJourney have been very popular.