Council of TwelveFemifesting: 

Channeling Your Life
with Evalena Rose & the Council of Twelve
Recorded Interview, Video and Upcoming Webinar Series

Femifest your heart’s desire, working with your brightest, clearest future self to access the power of your yin, intuitive nature to create your ideal life.  This work pays for itself in results realized.

Manifesting is more linear and mental, focusing on getting from here to a desired result.  Femifesting is holistic, sees the bigger picture, and envisions it already done. Knowing time is illusory, you go sit in your brightest future, basking in the actualization of your highest visions, drawing your life to that level of fruition. It anchors “now” to that future.

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Living As An Empath

Recorded 6-week online course available now!

Live Sessions: Dates TBD

Evalena Rose

In  webinar we will deepen skills to:

  • Care for your sensitive nature
  • Maintain strong boundaries
  • Stay safe and clear when working with others
  • Clear toxic energies from others
  • Release energies of others
  • Be sovereign in your body
  • Develop practices of exquisite self-care

Work with community support from your peers, Evalena Rose, and valuable channeled guidance accessed from the Council of Twelve.

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