6 weekends over 6 months- committed group

All Levels of Experience, All Genders, All Relationship Types

Led by Evalena Rose, and

Guest Teachers: Kim Keller, Fred Burks, Lindy James and a team of high caliber assistants.

Life Transforming Experience!!


High Level of Frequency and Vibration!

  • Ray-and-David-dancingLearn ancient arts that bring spirituality to sexuality
  • Recapture your deeply sensual and erotic nature
  • Amazing heart-centered connections
  • Access deeper pleasures and sexual passions
  • Move toward full body orgasm




Enhance your Capacity for Ecstasy!

  • Practice communications that sustain intimacy
  • Engender trust through healthy boundaries
  • Develop skills to joyously stay in love
  • Erotically request all you desire & get it
  • Heal through sacred & erotic touch



Deepen into Sacred Union!

  • Embrace emotional and physical vitality
  • Ease wounds of abuse and past loves
  • Release blocks to full authenticity
  • Dance your way to freedom
  • Convert power struggles into unified effort

“I have taken Evalena’s 6-month workshop three times. It has been very healing and transformative for me. I highly recommend it, whether you are brand new to Tantra, or very experienced with it.” – SS Healer

Whether single or in a committed partnership, you have the opportunity to  open new doorways to intimacy with yourself and others.  Experience a safe environment to learn, grow and get messy.

High Level of Frequency and Vibration in this wonderful group of people, many on a growth path for decades. Open to all – a great Temple atmosphere for new people and lots of peers for those with experience.

Meeting 6 weekends over 6 months in a committed group helps you utilize and sustain practices that transform your life. Our shared journey delightfully culminates in the more advanced and esoteric aspects of Tantra that are rarely taught.

Our Intro to Tantra evenings are a great place to learn and practice breathing techniques and join this loving community. Held regularly in downtown Sebastopol, CA.

Join us on  for a weekend of Exploring the Arts of Sacred Romance to get a taste of the flavor of our six month group and enjoy delightful heartfelt connections. Space is Limited.

Open your heart and embody your soul.

Deeply fulfilling connections develop in an on-going committed circle that meets six powerful, transformative weekends. People feel happy, nourished, fed, honored, accepted, and appreciated.

We laugh with delight, cry out old wounds, and enjoy long-lasting, loving relationships.

Singles deepen their relationship to the beloved within and open to sacred union.  

Couples revitalize their passion and eroticism, opening to new levels of intimacy & eros.

Enjoy energy-moving breath-work, sensual massage, body image, sexual healing, and dance.
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Held in an affirming, sacred temple atmosphere at a private retreat center near Sebastopol, CA 

Lodging available.  Directions sent after registration.

No explicit sexual activity is ever suggested or required.

Permission giving, heart opening, healing, inclusionary!  Joni Caldwell, sexuality educator

“It was heartfelt and healing for me – I am excited for this process – despite my finding aspects to be difficult – but I feel a profound sense that this is the work I need to be doing.” 2017-18 participant


707-824-1117 or email: [email protected]


Saturdays: 10am- 10pm, Sundays: 10am- 6pm

Fees include delicious, organic meals, a booklet of practices, and support from therapeutically-trained Assistants.

If financially challenged, inquire about options, such as: 12-month payment plan, work exchange, finding sponsors.

Email [email protected], or call 707-824-1117.

You must commit to attending each of the weekends and to paying for all, regardless of any reason you might miss a weekend. Only you can fill your space!

“I found love, a job and a wonderful home while participating in this group!”

Such an exciting group of people, many on a growth path for decades. Open to all – a great Temple atmosphere for new people and lots of peers for those with experience.

WORK EXCHANGE OPPORTUNITIES and Payment Plans make this work very affordable.

“A wonderful collection of expanding and enriching experiences. This was the pivot point in my evolution and a gateway to a better life.” ~ A.V., Engineer

Gently and expertly led by:

Evalena Rose, M.A founded LoveJourney: Tantra of the Heart in 1997, which includes both workshops and a compassionate community practicing the highest erotic and romantic arts.

Her deeply spiritual work includes MetaTherapy, couples’ work, multidimensional healing, and channeled readings, plus 10 years of Tantric coaching. All her work is informed by degrees in psychology and decades of study in alternative healing, shamanism, spiritual paths, Tantra, and recovery from abuse and addictions.


“Great design! Overall organization of the workshop and temple is incredibly supportive. The assistants are mind-reading, empathetic, generous and beautiful goddesses and gods!”

I really enjoyed the weekend; it was an amazing experience for me. Meeting and connecting with the other participants was fun and the energy of the staff and the presentations were great. The food was awesome!