$225 Value: Enjoy a Channeled Reading with Evalena Rose and the Council of Twelve

     Enjoy a loving audience with Spirit as you receive practical guidance, heal wounds, release blocks, and expand options.  Readings are therapeutic and healing rather than predictive, empowering you to intuit solutions from within. We use imagery and angelic energy to release pain from childhood or past lives.  Increase your capacity to enjoy fulfilling relationships.

     Channeled Business Guidance can greatly enhance fulfillment in your work or business, help you advance your career path, bring fuller prosperity, and remove blocks to the life you desire. Some say it’s like sitting with a wise board of advisors.   http://evalenarose.com


$300 Value: 1 hour session on Skype with Mary O’Connor: The Ecstatic Entrepreneur

In this “Breakthrough Income Strategy Session” I’ll walk you through:

  • Discovering what is unconsciously sabotaging you from being more successful
  • Creating a clear plan that describes in detail the steps you need to take to leverage your time and create more income.
  • Developing clarity about the one simple step you can take immediately to get into action.



$125 Value:  Spiritual Reading with Asara Tsehai, African Medicine Woman
Only 3 Available!

Asara brings over 35 years of experience in cultural health and wellness to her session with you.  She has supported thousands of individuals in their healing process.  She apprenticed for 2 years with a Tantric Master and has had 10 years experience in the tantric world.
In this transformative session, you will likely enjoy clearing and grounding, plus deeper insights and breakthroughs.   New information about your health and well -being may be revealed.



$150 Value:  Exploratory Session with Theresa Vargo, Art of Intimacy

In this session we will discover new ways to heal, identify old saboteur beliefs and tune into your life purpose and passions.  Together we create spaciousness to move out of pain and move into possibilities.
The Art of Intimacy is a journey home to our truest, happiest and most fully expressed selves. You can gain access to more vibrancy, calmness, connection, and freedom in relationship to yourself and others.
Transformational Relationship Health guide



$150 Value: Free attendance at 4 of Rachel Adair’s Sensuality Salons- held monthly between December and March

An ideal exploration of self-care:
  • Gift yourself an evening of nourishment
  • Work in a variety of small groups to co-create a safe experience
  • Tantalize your senses with taste, touch, scent and sound
  • Relax into being served
  • Give and receive innocent, open-hearted exchanges
  • Awaken yourself to everyday sensual delights