Femifesting Your Heart’s Desire- the Ultimate Self Love

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 Femifesting: Channeling Your Life

with Evalena Rose & the Council of Twelve
an interactive, live video webinar

Three 90 minute sessionsLight grid healing earth

Mondays: 5:30 – 7:00 PDT

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Femifest your heart’s desire, working with your brightest, clearest future self to access the power of your yin, intuitive nature to create your ideal life.  This work pays for itself in results realized.

Manifesting is more linear and mental, focusing on getting from here to a desired result.  Femifesting is holistic, sees the bigger picture, and envisions it already done. Knowing time is illusory, you go sit in your brightest future, basking in the actualization of your highest visions, drawing your life to that level of fruition. It anchors “now” to that future.

For half of each class, enjoy powerful spiritual guidance as Evalena channels the Council of Twelve who work with your guides and angels.  This audience with Spirit is like being with a friendly board of advisors who collaborate with you on creating desired realities and releasing blocks.

Class 1:
  • Learn the power of Femifesting and bring your cherished dreams to radiant life
  • Allow your brightest future self to guide you and further reveal your mission
  • Creatively participate in the unfolding of your deepest desires
  • Gain insights that support walking your true path
  • Gain greater clarity and more trust of Spirit and self
  • Clear blocks from body, mind, and energetic field to allow your fulfillment.
  • Gain answers to your specific concerns and questions
Class 2:
  • Check in with your positive future, gaining insights in implementing your dreams.
  • Embody your Light Body, your essence nature
  • Partner with Spirit in creating your desired reality
  • Further develop effective strategies, with Spirit validating your truth
  • Nurture your self-love and increase self-care
  • Receive practical suggestions as Spirit addresses your individual concerns
  • Further unwind patterns that block your fulfillment.


Class 3:
  • Experience how the “anchors” from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can help ground your new realities.
  • Gain feedback and further guidance from your future selves.
  • Open to a deep receptivity that allows you to shift neuronal pathways and drop old patterns
  • Your guides and the Council further unravel energetic and emotional blocks.


The Council of Twelve is one of the ancient Councils of the White Brotherhood of Light, both 11. Council of Twlve. Kathy VIK artistAscended Masters and Goddess archetypes who help our species evolve.  Connecting to these Ascended Masters helps create greater confidence in your choices and intuitions.  Evalena’s channeled guidance is therapeutic rather than predictive, empowering your decision-making process rather than making choices for you.

Questions are welcome, responses often validate your truth, nurture your self-love, offer practical suggestions, proliferate options. The webinar is a nourishing, personally validating, and joyful experience of collaborating with Ascended Masters and Goddess archetypes about our heartfelt concerns.

The Art of Femifesting: With Evalena Rose

Evalena Rose, founder of The Alchemy of Love, is a therapist, intimacy and communications coach in private practice 36 years.  She blends metaphysical and therapeutic practices with healing work that is multi-dimensional and transformative.   She has led groups and taught Femifesting 14 years, often with channeling to give specific support to individual’s needs.

She and the Council of Twelve have co-created deeply therapeutic and life-affirming sessions with individuals and groups in over 15 countries and 24 states.  They have long advised CEO’s and business owners as well as entrepreneurs on their private practice. Whether Evalena is counseling or channeling, her work is gentle, compassionate, co-creative, and in-depth, helping people release deeply and make fast progress toward their goals.

For 27 years, she has practiced Tantra, teaching it for 18.  She’s had decades of study in alternative healing, shamanism, spiritual paths, body-centered therapies, Soul Retrieval, inner child work, Tantra, and recovery from incest, abuse and addiction

Sees clients in Sebastopol, CA, or by phone, Skype or Zoom worldwide.

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