6-week online course

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Only $75 for 6 recordings of 90 minutes each.

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In this six week webinar we will deepen skills to:

  • Care for your sensitive natureradiant-heart
  • Maintain strong boundaries
  • Stay safe and clear when working with others
  • Clear toxic energies from others
  • Release energies of others
  • Be sovereign in your body
  • Develop practices of exquisite self-care

Work with community support from your peers, Evalena Rose, and valuable channeled guidance accessed from the Council of Twelve. (Watch the video to learn more about the Council of Twelve.)

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Great tips, including to draw your name on your body with your finger before going into something (i.e. a workshop, meeting, etc. or just any time) to physically feel and sense the autonomy you have. This is a really helpful tool to use to ground our energy into the autonomous and environment-sensitive talents of the body.- Emily Boyer

I found this class to be very useful in terms of lots of techniques, meditations, visualizations that were shared, as well as information about what it means to be an empath and the strengths of this gift. I’d like to take another class by Evalena in the future. – Mari D

I really appreciate what I learned in this class. It gave me tools and concepts to create healthy boundaries around myself and to keep my vital energies close to my core. I am practicing these skills at the moment, when one of my partners is going through a crisis and I am at a high point of my creative flow.

Based on what I learned, I am able to come from a place of compassion when I think of this person, and support her in her healing with messages that inspire her to bring joy and health upon herself. This helps me stay in my center while i also stay connected and supportive of her. – Serena Anderlini

I have struggled being an empath. The Living As An Empath 6 Week Series was extremely helpful in my understanding. Evaleena Rose described how our empathic sensitivity developed and gave many wonderful, practical strategies to protect ourselves, remain sovereign in our bodies, and also how we can effectively help others. Thank you, Evaleena! -Susan H