You can make love any time anywhere.
In fact
Make love all the time

It’s not an act
It’s a way of being
Make love with the grass, the flowers, the sky.
Let them make love to you
Breathe them in

Make love to your being, your soul, to Light itself

Cease withholding the joy of loving until..
You get the right partner
You get turned on
You get everything done
You get fully opened

Stop waiting
Make love first
And often
Without the story

Doesn’t require nudity
Or even touch
As glorious as they can be

Takes breath and presence in your heart
Willingness to open
Being here now

Whatever is presented to you, ask in your heart:
Can I expand to include this?
Answer’s always yes if you’re in there.
Your reward?
You gain the joys of being in
your heart
Rather than your judging mind

Sweet relief!

The dance of joy is always alive in an open heart.
Join the dance often.
Making love a way of life grows you
Evolves you into your most radiant Self
Celebrate the erotic life!
Let it elevate your consciousness


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