Evalena Rose is a skillful coach in intimacy and communication skills who has worked with individuals, couples, and poly pods for decades. She helps people reclaim sovereignty in their body and heal emotionally and spiritually through MetaTherapy, energetic healing, and channeled readings. She has decades of study in alternative healing, shamanism, Soul Retrieval, Tantra, alternative relationship styles, and recovery from incest and addiction.

Evalena has a M.A. in Educational Psychology and a B.A. in Psychology and has attended hundreds of post-graduate seminars in a wide range of topics. She is not a licensed therapist, though she has the education of many who are, choosing simply to maintain her freedom to combine healing and therapeutic work in whatever ways are most effective for each person. She works in Asheville, NC, by phone, Skype, or Zoom world-wide.

Visit: evalenarose.com

Private Lessons in the Art of Tantra

Give your beloved and your love life the gift of acquiring Tantric skills and learning ways to connect soul to soul.

We can design the private lessons to suit your needs, and will likely explore breathing practices that deepen intimacy and open the body to full body orgasm. Learn more…


Sacred Evening for Lovers

Enjoy being guided through an evening devoted to erotic arts, tailored to your relationship, and designed to deepen your private lovemaking. We set intentions as we build an altar to your love, then explore doorways to Eros through ritual, breath, and movement. Learn more…


Individually Designed Customized Intensive Sessions

Life transforming. Are you ready for a quantum leap in your life?

Evalena works with you from a very guided place to co-create one or more days to suit your specific needs as you forge new pathways for growth. Healing ancient wounds and patterns allows deeper integration of self and opens the way for more empowered relationships. An amazing way to reclaim your authentic nature! Learn more…



Romantic Getaways

Perfect for your next romantic getaway, personal retreat or vacation, LoveJourney Temple offers a variety of overnight accommodations, ranging from tent camping to private rooms, and can be enjoyed in combination with workshops or simply as a retreat destination in and of itself. Learn more…