Give your beloved and your love life the gift of acquiring Tantric skills and learning ways to connect heart to heart and soul to soul.

We can design the private lessons to suit your needs, and will likely explore breathing practices that deepen intimacy and open the body to full body orgasm.

We may work with learning aspects of sensual and erotic touch and developing the skills of pleasure mapping, which is discovering what touch serves you and your beloved in any given moment, and how to erotically offer feedback and make requests in ways that enhance Eros rather than diminish it.

Couples often enjoy being facilitated in heart-sharing communications. You discover ways to speak your truth that are positive, honoring and so respectful that you are likely to be heard and understood.

Enhance your capacity for ecstasy and for creating a deeply fulfilling connection!

Excludes genital touch, though love-making skills may be addressed. 

Private lessons:

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Gift Certificates Are Available!

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