~ Life Transforming ~
Are you ready for a quantum leap in your life?

Evalena works with you from a very guided place to co-create one or more days to suit your specific needs as you forge new pathways for growth. Healing ancient wounds and patterns allows deeper integration of self and opens the way for more empowered relationships. An amazing way to reclaim your authentic nature!

Intensives can be for one person, a couple, a small group of friends or sincere seekers. These life-transforming days are guided by channeling and divinatory tools such as Tarot and Runes.

We may blend emotional processing and release, spiritual healing, altered states work, and bodywork to clear issues all the way to original cause. Ritual, shamanic practices, and Tantra are interwoven with time on the earth, time in meditation and contemplation, and times of laughter and celebration.

Couples deepen their relationship, heal its pain and turmoil, and develop effective communication and coping skills. Through channeling, we can explore past lives and current lessons to help you develop compassion, improve communication, and connect spiritually. Instruction in Tantric practices, sensual massage, erotic dance, setting altars, and creating rituals of worship may be included.

Spiritual Retreats

Create sacred days in the country, individually, as a couple, or a small group, with Evalena guiding your breathing and spiritual practices. We’ll help you create nurturing lodging nearby. Come meditate, practice Tantra, receive hands on healing, release stuck places and held emotions, enjoy being pampered and cared for. Organic food provided, rejuvenating in quiet beauty, resting in the hammock under giant redwoods, walking trails nearby. Treat yourself to sacred time within.

Ceremonies, Pujas

Consider working with Evalena on creating a personalized ceremony or puja for your birthday, rite of passage, or commitment celebration. She can officially perform weddings, and will co-create with you a commitment ceremony that expresses your inner nature and takes you further along your path.

Contact Evalena for more information, or to schedule.