Making Love a Way of Life

By Evalena Rose

You can make love any time anywhere.
In fact
Make love all the time
Everywhere Read more…

Vote for Radiant Love

By Evalena Rose, M.A.

Radiant love is everywhere. Even with hate-mongering happening on a national stage, radiant love continues. The vituperative language tossed about in this election can make us angry, shut down or turn away in disgust. Adding our judgment and reactivity, though, gives our power over to unworthy outcomes. We could be empowering visions of what we want instead. It’s counter-intuitive and irrational, as change agent behavior often is, when seen from “normal” reality! Read more…

The Art of Sexual Ecstasy and Empowered Living

by Evalena Rose, M. A.

Tantra is a Sanskrit name for a system of spiritual advancement, a deep mystical path that goes back millennia to the Vedas. Tantra is a broad weaving together of varied spiritual and romantic arts with the purpose of celebrating the sacredness in all of life. This spiritual path uses sensual and sexual practices to elevate consciousness and move toward enlightenment. Read more…

Opening to Sacred Relationship

Tantra for Women Who Love Women
by Evalena Rose, M.A.

As the ancient arts of Tantra are being reintroduced, sacred love begins healing the results of millennia of repression of women and of sexuality. One finds Tantra in the mystery traditions of all great religions, with its focus on connection and intimacy. Too often, today’s Tantric images show only women with men, and some teachings seem limited to sexual enhancement, rather than promoting deep connection. Actually, many examples of temple art survive that show women with women–paintings, tapestries, and friezes depicting women connecting in states of high sexual ecstasy. Read more…

Tantra: The Art of Sexual Healing

by Evalena Rose, M.A.

Tantra is a beautiful way to heal wounded sexuality and give you back your body and your life. It combines the ancient spiritual arts of sacred connection to yourself and others, gleaned from the wisdom traditions of many paths, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism and Native American spirituality. Using deep and intentional breathing, imagery and movement, tantra moves the kundalini or vital life force (prana) through the chakras, opening and energizing them, bringing you home to yourself. Read more…

Reclaiming Lost Sexuality

by Evalena Rose, M.A.

For far too many women, sexuality is a battleground between the past and the present. Touch and closeness trigger memories of past touch that was wounding or, for those who’ve been violated, devastating. Centuries of repression of the feminine make intimacy difficult for many women as little of our natural, spontaneous and joyful sexuality remain. Read more…

Reclaiming the Matriarch

by Evalena Rose, M.A.

Finally we are coming to honor and appreciate the Crone, the font of wisdom a woman becomes after a life well lived and lessons well learned. I believe, though, we are missing an important stage of life in our accepted paradigm: the stage of Matriarch. That gives us four stages: Maiden, Matron, Matriarch, and Crone. Read more…

Two Hearts Entwine

Poem by Evalena Rose

Two hearts entwining,
Merging in joyous rivers of love. Read more…