Women of Power and Wisdom

I come into my own
No longer here to primarily serve others
Now I serve me
Goddess as me within me
Listening to my core essence
Searching within for what I thought outer solutions could solve
Unharnessing the power of my sovereign self
Growing & nurturing my truest expression in the world
Following the imperative to be me.

Middlesence, some call menopause
Another inbuilt hormonal shift that sparks a deeper unfolding
    of our true nature
Power surges burn out the need to please
 Differentiating again
 not from parents this time
 but from the pack
 the life culture has writ so far

For me, as woman, the final release of the fairy tale rescue
Final acceptance that I am the Beloved I seek

Now I must do all my soul yearns to do.
Live what my soul says yes to
Regardless of how others see it.
Humbling & empowering at the same time.

Life grows precious as parents pass
Finally I’m mature enough to accept full responsibility
For who I am
 Who I’ve become & who I want to be.
I accept the baton to guide this world toward freedom
        Beginning with me

Freed from being ruled by our passions
Free to fulfill them
Deeply renovating my approach … to everything
To be ever more authentically me.

Here I stand
 My sovereign self
 Naked before my Creatrix
 Illusions melting, personas fading, truths unveiling
Ever unfolding on my journey home to source.