By Evalena Rose, M. A.

Two hearts entwining,
Merging in joyous rivers of love.
Your deep silent embrace with Spirit sparks my desire to be one
Enfolded in the soft, warm safeness of your arms and soul,
I am enticed into myself
Ever more deeply into me
My true nature revealed in the mirror of you

My Love, you touch the Goddess in me, the Priestess, the healer
Awakening the Divine Child
Call forth the wildish nature of my Lioness self

As we travel together into Infinity’s vastness
Yet your heart stays softly open to meet my fears,
you make room for the healing that sets me free
nurturing me fully into a wholeness I have never known

I am so many selves, so many ages, so multifarious and complex
I feared no one could ever meet me
Yet at every turn you are there, coaxing me further along each path
Enjoying the delight of discovery by my side
How come you to be so wondrous, so magnificent a vessel for Love
So warmly receptive of all our hearts reveal

Two hearts entwine
Two bodies melt into one
In our ecstasy I no longer know
Who is me
or you
Nor, do I care
Blessed Be!


Evalena Rose, M.A. offers MetaTherapy, Channeled Readings, and Multidimensional Healing in Sebastopol & world wide by phone or Skype. She teaches Tantra for men & women and webinars on Living as an Empath and Femifesting. or 707 824-1117

Feel free to share this as long as it is shared in it’s entirety along with credit at end.