Radiant love is everywhere. Even with hate-mongering happening on a national stage, radiant love continues. The vituperative language tossed about in this election can make us angry, shut down or turn away in disgust. Adding our judgment and reactivity, though, gives our power over to unworthy outcomes. We could be empowering visions of what we want instead. It’s counter-intuitive and irrational, as change agent behavior often is, when seen from “normal” reality!

We know our thoughts wield power and where we put our attention, we add our vote for reality. So thoughtfully put your attention on calling in the world you desire, move your focus away from what doesn’t serve our evolutionary progress. No matter how compelling the negative is, we can use it as a springboard for actualizing it’s opposite.

When you hear violent rhetoric in this election, turn your reaction into a prayer for country-wide awakening, for minds to see through illusion. As you hear reports of violent acts, tell the Universe we say no to this kind of mayhem and are calling in more kindness and love in all affairs. When you witness harm to others or the environment, invoke healing and pray for balance in all things.

Let’s enroll the Universe of Universes to reverse this trend toward violence. As a channel, I can feel how much the Realms of guides and angels want to negotiate this time of awakening with us. A great upleveling of the consciousness of our species is taking place and they desire to participate. Our prayers empower them to act. We each can speak for all humanity in giving permission for deep and abiding change.

When you hear something horrifying on the radio, speak to the Divine on behalf of our species saying no to these acts, and calling forth acts of love and connection instead. Our collective prayers and heart-felt intentions can create a groundswell of change that takes us down the best path possible. Big changes are already happening, things are possible that would not have been before. I feel cause for great optimism.

My readings often take me out into people’s futures and I see how our choices determine which of many probable futures comes about. So many bright options are available to people that I’m clear our country moves through these challenging times toward a brighter reality. Let’s call for the miracles of miracles that makes that true.

Together we can midwife this species as it evolves to higher dimensions of consciousness and peaceful co-existence. We can send love and healing Light to those trying to hold onto status quo or take us back into darker times, rather than join them in judgement and reactivity.
Radiant love is everywhere and love will prevail! Let us inhabit that reality in our heart, our thoughts, and our will.

By Evalena Rose, published in The Wave magazine, Sept/Oct 2016