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A 6-month, ongoing group for men and women. Meeting 6 weekends over 6 months in a committed group helps you sustain practices that transform your life. Our journey delightfully culminates in more advanced and esoteric aspects of Tantra.
Discover how the ancient arts of Tantra enhance your capacity for intimacy and conscious sensuality. Open to your full sexual aliveness!
Note: This event is full. Please email [email protected] to be wait-listed.
Six-week online seminar
A playful day of sharing connection, food and ritual with experienced, aware dakinis. Stay to enjoy the fruits of a long and luscious Puja!
Note: Single men, please call before registering, as we need gender balance. Still openings for single women and couples.
Join Mercedes Kirkel and Dan Argraves for a super-fun, rich evening celebrating the Spring Equinox through group and partner activities.
Weaving ritual, goal-setting, dance, and performance art to manifest your highest goals and desires for 2016. You leave with a lovely Vision Board and grounded Action Plans.
Come join Rachel Adair in a non-sexual, Sensual Feast!
Good for friends, lovers, and those meeting for the first time.
Join this deep exploration and training in Zegg Forum, a facilitated awareness and communication group process. Develop the confidence, skills, tools, and intuition for facilitating Forum. Heart-centered transparency will set you free!
For 6 fulfilling days, 50-60 people gather to co-create a village within which authenticity, transparency, and honesty are practiced and lived. Be nourished by sharing meals, hot tubs, Tantric Pujas, and deep heart connections.
Enjoy being guided through an evening devoted to erotic arts, tailored to your relationship, and designed to deepen your private lovemaking. We set intentions as we build an altar to your love, then explore doorways to Eros through ritual, breath, and movement.
This gathering is a fun, deliciously sensual journey of movement, breath, sound, awakening of the senses, and touch to renew and rejuvenate.